Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tarraco reconstructed

The archeological museum of Tarragona, presents an artist impression of the theater. On one site of the theater was a monumental nymphaeum, consisting of a niche from which water flowed into an artificial pond. Fragments have been found of large ornamental cups made of Greek marble (Prokonian), decorated with leaves and plant motifs, characteristic of the 2nd half of the 1st century BC, that were probably placed on the bases found around the pond.

See, the theater of Tarraco as it is today, July 2009. Garbage, cats, weeds, rubble. The semicircular cavea was made up of seven rows of seats at the lower, ten in the middle, and ten more in the upper section. A series of radial stairways divided the stands into four sectors or cunei, and allowed the audience to get to their seats. The close up picture below shows still the remains of one of the stairways.

Although the remains are limited, you can still get in touch with those who visited plays and performances. I was surprised about the collection of hairpins, partly found between the rebates of the seatings.
Also three statues were excavated, once part of the scaenae frons of the theater. Now in the Tarrogona Museum of History.
The first and third statue presenting senators or other high ranked romans of the Claudian period, 1st century AD. Remains of paint are still in place. The second shows an emporer as Hercules of the 2nd century AD.
More pictures of Tarraco you can find here!

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