Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Repeat: "Caesaraugusta"

Say: 'Caesaraugusta' - about ten times, and Cae-sar-augusta becomes 'Zar-agoza', ... sort off. Anyway, visiting Zaragoza was a very great succes! The theater, public baths, river port and forum, all have their own dedicated museum with very good explanation and many remains on display. The Theater Museum presents excellent information about the construction, with a large scale model and various 3D visuals. Information is also given on plays, players, the audience and the role of the theater in a societal context.

The theater was discovered by chance in 1972, with the construction of a new building in the city centre. It dates from the first century AD, and was erected of concrete. It could contain 6,000 spectators. A short impression can be seen at Youtube.

In the third century, the theatrical activity declined and during the second half of that era, the building was looted for its materials which were used to build the nearby city wall during a period of political instability. I will present pictures of the theater and of finds on display in the museum soon.

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