Tuesday, August 4, 2009

10,000 spectators in Colonia Clunia Sulpicia

This morning I visited Clunia, or better Colonia Clunia Sulpicia. The site is attractive because of some nice mosaics. But, happy us, the most significant ruin is the theater. Excavated into rock, it had a capacity of 10,000 spectators; so being one of the largest in Hispania (with a total of about 24 already discovered [Spain + Portugal]). It must have been very steep, because I measured the orchestra. It is only 16 meters wide and only 8 meters in depth.

Fascinating in this theater, are the many original seats and the large remains of the scaenea frons. I will soon add more pictures of this great site! More of the history of Clunia is well described here. Noteworthy, is the origin of its name. The city acquired, possibly during the reign of Galba or Hadrian, the status of colonia and the epithet of Sulpicia after Sulpicius Galba, governor of Hispania, proclaimed himself emperor. Galba took refuge in Clunia during the anti-Neronian revolution, 68 AD. At this town he received news of the death of the emperor and the announcement of his own elevation as emperor by the Roman Senate (because of this some essayist added the epithet of Galba to the name of the city). He traveled to Rome from Clunia.

More pictures of Clunia taken this summer, you can find here!

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