Friday, November 27, 2009

Amphitheater at Portus!

It is because only British journalists can write as they do, that I just copy parts of an article about a recent find. "Archeologi britannica scoprono un anfiteatro: An amazing find was made just a few days ago. It promises to become one of the most important archeological sites in the world. 'The Times' online publication has described the event in these words". (
"A lavish Roman amphitheatre, complete with toilet, has been uncovered by British archeologists in Italy at a site described as being of the same significance as Stonehenge. A team led by the University of Southampton discovered an amphitheatre of a similar size to the Pantheon in Rome after two years excavating an ancient port close to Fiumicino airport. This is the first time that a large-scale dig has taken place at the site, known as Portus, which was discovered in the 16th century and excavated in the 1860s. ... It is possible that it was frequented by 2nd-century emperors. British excavators, ...., said that the amphitheatre was likely to have been built for the private entertainment of a senior statesman or emperor and could have held up to 2,000 spectators."

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