Saturday, January 2, 2010

Colonia Flavia Neapolis: Roman theater in Palestine

This summer, I passed the Palestinian National Theatre in Jerusalem (PNT). PNT is a Palestinian non profit cultural institution which "strives to create and to develop a unique cultural life in Jerusalem, by way of producing and presenting artistic, educational and entertaining programs that reflect the aspirations of the Palestinian people". Due to financial problems and the tensions within the city, the theater is hardly in use anymore.

Another theater in Judaea which is out of duty, is the Roman theater in Nablus at the West Bank, or Flavia Neapolis. It is the largest theater in this once Roman province, but in very poor shape. The Palestinian Authority does not have the funds to restore this great site. When I compare this rubble with the splendid restored theater at Beth She'an, hardly 15 kilometers away to the northeast, but in Israel, I want to establish a special fundraising Foundation to get the restoration of this theater done! Who is in?

I have not visited Nablus yet; the picture is from the internet.

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