Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sexi Firman Iulium or Almuñécar

In 2006, I visited Almuñécar, or Sexi Firman Iulium during Roman times. It is famous due to the extended remains of Roman garum containers and a substantial aqueduct. In a small museum various finds are on display, including the above model. At the left side of the town you can see a theater. Unfortunately, I can't find any proper information about the Roman history of Sexi, apart from some details on wikipedia.

The town was founded by the Phoenicians. From the 3rd-2nd centuries BC it issued a sizeable corpus of coinage depicting the Phoenician god Melquart on the observe and one or two fish on the reverse, possibly alluding a principle product of the area. The 'Westermann. Grosser Atlas zur Weltgeschichte', equates the Sexi with Almuñécar (38 /II).

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