Sunday, February 28, 2010

Victoria supports Factio veneta

Yesterday, I visited Atuatuca Tungrorum, or modern Tongeren in Belgium. A brand new museum, the Gallo Romeins Museum, shows the many Roman finds in the region. Like this gemstone of lapis lazuli, once part of a precious ring. It shows Victoria with a Quadriga; a chariot with four horses. Next to the beauty of the stone, the colour reflects the preference of the bearer: Blue! So the Goddess Victoria is now favouring the Factio veneta. Lapis lazuli is said to possess strenghtening qualities. The gemstone was found in Tongeren and dates between 100 and 200 AD.

Atuatuca Tungrorum is notorious because of the battle of Atuatuca, which took place at 54 BC. The Eburonian leader Ambiorix destroyed a legion.

More pictures of the Gallo Romeins Museum can be found here!

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