Thursday, April 8, 2010

Colonia Iulia Gemella Acci

This week, I received above picture of Guadix, taken by classical theater expert Alejandro Britos from Burgos, Spain. He did not only provide me with a great digital encyclopedia about Roman and Greek theaters and the Holy Land, but he also provided me with up-to-date information about recent findings. Last week he visited the theater of Colonia Iulia Gemella Acci, today's Guadix. The theater has been discovered three years ago, and as you can see, it is only partly excavated yet. The picture shows the scanea frons, but the orientation is hard to identify.

Acci was founded by Julius Caesar or Augustus in 45 BC. The Latin 'Gemella' or 'twins' reflects that the original founders were veterans of two different legions, one of them the 'LEG II AVG'.

Acci was also m
entioned in Plinius 'Natural History' as Aquitani Accitani, and was occupied with mining. Acci had a mint. More pictures of the excavation can be seen here.

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