Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wadi Sabra

Wadi Sabra is only 8 kilometers south of Petra. I have never been there, but I received this beautiful picture from Alejandro Britos, expert on ancient theaters, from Burgos, Spain. The theater is part of a Nabataeau sanctuary and has remained virtually uninvestigated. The first to survey the theater site was the French traveller L. de Laborde, who reached Wadi Sabra in 1828, and whose survey also included the many building remains and a rather detailed map of the site.
Because of the shape of the orchestra, some travellers and surveyors, with De Laborde, have designated the theater as a naumachia. The theater is completely hewn out of the stone.

De LaBorde published his findings in Pétra Retrouvée, voyage de l'Arabie Pétrée, 1828, which were used in a recent bilbiography Narratives of journeys to Petra between 1812 and 1914, compiled by Norman L. Lewis in 2004.

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  1. Nice to see you are again in the road, miss your work too much. These is one of the amazing theatres I have ever been; is in the middle of nothing, hard to find if you do not know the place. Wadi Sabra were a place where comercial caravans had to stop before enter Petra. Thanks for your work and passion. Alejandro


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