Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Odeon of Antipatris

Today, I visited Yarkon National Park, which comprises the Yarkon streams and wells, ancient Tel Afeq, Roman Antipatris and the Ottoman fortress Binar Bashi. Only, 25 kilometers east of Tel Aviv. Exclusively interested in the Antipatris' odeon and not aware of the larger setting of the Roman remains, it was very hard to find out the exact location. It took me a trainticket, six plausible advices to get at the place, a tour by bus through the suburbs of Afeq Park, a 'I call the police' incident with a taxi driver, a second taxi driver (first still missing), to get at the right place. Everything at 33 degrees Celsius. People do not have a clue of these kind of curiosities within reach, although preserved at a large amount of money. This, while visiting the odeon is really worthwile a visit. It has been 'renovated' just recently, and it is funny to compare my pictures taken today, with the one I have used for an entry just two months ago. Showing the odeon while it was excavated. More pictures of the odeon and the main street of Antipatris can be seen here!

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