Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Theater of Ashqelon

This afternoon, I drove in the direction of Gaza to visit Ashqelon (Askelon) National Park. It is a large area, although not very much can be seen of its rich history. The cities first inhabitants were Canaanites who built the most expressive feature of Ashkelon, that is still seen today: a giant wall that spans around the city. Ashkelon was a Roman city long before the rest of Israel was conquered. They subdued themselves willingly, as they were not on good terms with the Jews in Juda. The Roman remains of the city are well preserved, as they were not damaged during the Jewish wars against the Romans. I couldn't find much information about the Roman theater near the wall. "In ancient times", a Jewish magazine learns, "the seats were already taken out, which left a round pit, which led to the thought among Christians and Arabs that this was 'Abraham's Well'". The restored theater is used for modern performances. More pictures of Ashkelon can be seen here!

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