Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tiberias' remake

In 18 AD Herod founded Tiberias, named after the Emperor. Various episodes about Roman Tiberias are reported in Bellum Judaicum (the Jewish War), by Flavius Josephus, governor of Galilee (66-67 AD). Today, I visited the archeological park in the city center. Next to the remains of the Jewish synagogue, I found this artist impression of the theater of Tiberias. Although the structural detailing does not make any sense, I just like the construction. Tomorrow, I will try to find out more about specific details and probably other remains of (amphi)theaters along the Sea of Galilee.

In her great dissertation (Stanford University, 1998), Honora Howell Chapman argues that Josephus used theater, drama and spectacle to reach his audience. Her dissertation, called 'Spectacle and Theater in Josephus' Bellum Judaicum', can be downloaded

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