Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The Greek theater of Thassos dates from the 2nd century AD.
This picture was taken by Ramón Putzer, who visited the island last summer. It is wonderfully situated at the slope of the mountain. Unfortunately, I can't find any proper information about its further history. Anyone who can, please sent me a message at rienbongers[at]yahoo[dot]com!

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  1. Thanks to Alejandro Britos, I can add some more detailed information to this entry. The theater was built in the 3rd century BC, while the orchestra was rebuilt into an arena in the 1st century AD. The cavea has a diameter of 75 meter and is facing north-west. It once consisted of 38-40 rows, and has 4 cunei. The proscaenium was built by Lysistratus, a Greek sculptor of the 4th century BC.


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