Thursday, July 28, 2011

Greek theater play on vase Matheola

This comic phylax scene, I found at a krater on display in the museum of Matera, or Greek Matheola. The term phylax, applied both to the actors and to the plays themselves, and, through a modern extension, to the vases that portray them. It is found in the writings of several ancient authors.

This parodic, comic or even farcical tradition encouraged by the freshness of a new figurative language developed as less codified than that of Athenian painters. From 440 BC on, these red-figured vases were produced in Magna Graecia, so also in southern Italy. You can find pictures of them in sets of Matheola and Lecce; all at my Flickr account.    

I couldn't find out which scene has been presented. The information available said: 'Cratera a campana apulo a figure rosse. 360-340 BC. Pittore di Graz. Scena teatrale'.

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