Friday, July 29, 2011

Theater of Lupiae or Lecce

The theater of Lecce or Roman Lupiae was originally built during the reign of Augustus and rebuilt early 2nd century AD. It is located in the center of town, only 100 meter west of the amphitheater. As you can see it has a well-preserved orchestra and 12 rows of seats. It also seems to have a well-preserved hyposcaenium, situated under the pulpitum and the back side of the stage building, but could not be visited.

Currently, the theater is completely surrounded by modern houses, but can be perfectly viewed from a passage above. 

While the theater itself is a stone colossus, you could once enter or leave the building to visit a garden or peristylium; see the model at display in the museum above.

During the excavations various statues were found, which are now in the museum, like the torso of an amazon, Athena, Artemis en Ares. For more pictures of Lecce, click here!

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