Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Odeon of Herodes Attikos

This photo of the odeon of Herodes Attikos in Athens, I kindly received from Tijs van Uffelen, my personal fitness coach. He visited the acropolis last month and was, like so many people before him thrilled by the site.

Due to the dept position of Greece, it has been suggested that the acropolis of Athens might be one of the objects to be privatised. Especially, while currently the entrance fee is about 10 euro per person, while other highlights in Europe are much more expensive to visit; making clear there is much more to earn by just increasing the ticket prices for the thousands of tourists visiting Athens annualy. 

During my visit to Athens in 1988, I already visited the acropolis and the odeon (read my earlier entry). Looking at Tijs' picture it is still a stunning place to visit.  

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