Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Castra Vetera

Last month the third volume of the comic of 'Les Aigles de Rome', or 'Eagles of Rome' by Enrico Marini was published in the Netherlands. Also this volume I read with great enthusiasm. It's about the Cheruscian Arminius and his Roman 'brother' Marcus Valerius Falco, both raised in the same Roman family and both suffering the same harsh Roman education. Arminius and Marcus meet after years of separation in Germania, during the days of Varus, but times changed. I really like the great drawings, the story is rough and full of violence and sex. For someone raised with the Smurfs, a revelation! Watch the trailer about this release.

Around 15 BC the Roman camp Castra Vetera was created on the Fürstenberg near today's locality Birten in Germany. It was intended as a base for campaigns into Germania and until its destruction during the Revolt of the Hatavi in 70 AD, by Arminius, it was occupied by 8,000 to 10,000 legionaries, and the main base of the Classis germanica. 

Marini's artist impression of Castera Vetera above, shows the amphitheater still outside the walls of the castra. After its destruction it was renewed and called Colonia Ulpia Traiana. You can compare the above artist impression with the one in an earlier post. Look here

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