Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The theater of Segobriga

Segobriga was the chief town of Celtiberia, near modern Sealices. I visited this beautiful excavation at August 8, just hours before flying back to Schiphol Airport.

The theater of the city is beautifully situated near the walls of the ancient city, only 50 metres east of the amphitheater. This Roman building is using the slope of the mountain, and is cut into the limestone hillside. Most of the ima and media cavea and parts of the scene building are preserved. It had a capacity of about 1,650/ 2,050 spectators.

It was built about 40-60 AD. It scanea frons was remodelled late 1st century, early 2nd century AD.

This airial view shows the ancient city at it is today, and decorates the entrance hall of the small museum near the entrance of the archeological area.

More pictures of Segobriga can be seen here!

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