Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amphitheater of Lucera

The amphitheater of Lucera is one of the oldest in Italy. Newly renovated, it looks like a stadium of Mussolini, a little bit like the Foro Italico in Rome. Nevertheless, despite the nervous behaviour of a hysterical attendant, we enjoyed walking around the arena and imagined to be guest during the once lively activities. 

The amphitheater is extraordinary large (its outer dimensions are 126.8 meter long by 94.5 meter wide), and could accomodate 16.000 up to 18.000 spectators. It was built between 14 and 2 BC. As told by the inscription on the entrance gate, it was built on a private land and paid by Marco Vecilio Campo, a magistratus, in honor of Emperor Augustus and the local community.

Overall, the amphitheater has a rather simple architectural and decorative structure: over the main portal we find a shield and a spear in bas-relief, that remind of the gladiatorial shows hosted in the arena, or maybe the military rank of Vecilio Campo.

More of my pictures of Lucera, you can find here!

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